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Goo Surprise!!!
One day Kent smirked evilly as he walked over to his friend Dan's house wanting to show him a surprise he had just gotten in the mail. Kent chuckled loudly walking up to the house knocking on the door. "I hope he hurries." Kent thought seeing the knob turn. "Yo." Kent greeted.
In the door stood Dan, Kent's friend. He was average height, skinny, scrawny, and pretty much it. Oh, and had curly brown hair. Dan gave a wave and let him in noticing his friends behavior.
"Uhm, you alright man? You've been grinning since you got here." Dan said curiously.
"Oh yeah man i'm better than alright i'm absolutely stoked!" He exclaimed showing Dan a clear bottle filled with green liquid. "Behold." He smiled.
"Uhm a mess?" Dan asked confused. "Please don't spill your messes in my house dude." He whined.
"Calm down man, its much more than just any mess. Its goo I got online from a site I found and had to try it out." Kent explained.
"Hmm," Dan folded his arms. "Try it out?" He said.
"Yeah on you!" Kent s
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 101 61
A Squiggly B-Day Surprise~!
It was a wonderful day as Justin was driving over to his girlfriends home. She had a wonderful surprise for him today on his 21st birthday, and he couldn't wait to check it out. He was told to come later in the day after his classes finished. On the way there he spoke to himself in the car driving with a smile from ear to ear.
"Hehehehe, I can't wait to see what my girlfriend has in-store for me!" He exclaimed chuckling. I hope its cake!"
Justin continued driving and wondering all the things he could be getting and in no time he arrived home seeing tons of cars waiting for him.
"Wow my sweety sure went all out." He said astonished by the turn out of people at his home.
Slowly Justin made his way up the steps onto his porch before ringing the doorbell awaiting someone to answer.
"Hmmmmm." He patiently hummed to himself.
All Justin could hear inside was loud music playing as it died down quickly with a bunch of giggles. When Justin saw the door open he found himself greeted by Mami Tomoe
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The Joyful Fairy TG/TF
Tommy was having a horrible time with his life. His home life wasn't the best, he had lost a close friend, and to top it all off he was failing school. Nothing seemed to go his way as he sighed walking down the sidewalk kicking pebbles he came across.
"Man my life sucks so bad." He sighed. "I didn't think all of this could happen so fast but it is."
Tommy didn't feel like going home walking into a hell storm so he decided to head over to the park instead. That was his best bet after all.
"Well maybe a walk in the park can cheer me up." He shrugged to himself walking down the street holding his head down low in shame.
Little did Tommy know a small figure was following and watching his every move. The figure didn't even touch the ground as all. It was floating or flying after him.
"Mhmhmhmhmh~, I sense a potential cheering up is in order!" The small figure giggled to itself in a soft giddy voice continuing Tommy's direction.
Meanwhile, Tommy arrived to the park walking along the path sti
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 100 149
Mature content
Travis and the Totally Hawt Spa :iconodachi65:Odachi65 58 14
Lady of the House 1 by Escafa
Mature content
Lady of the House 1 :iconescafa:Escafa 174 28
Tribulations and Transformations Alpha V2.0 by Odachi65 Tribulations and Transformations Alpha V2.0 :iconodachi65:Odachi65 33 56 Maker's Game Page 7 by SapphireFoxx Maker's Game Page 7 :iconsapphirefoxx:SapphireFoxx 238 11
Mature content
Cross-dressing TG :icontgguy92:TGGuy92 79 2
The New Fairy Queen: FT Bodyswap TG by HassouTobi27 The New Fairy Queen: FT Bodyswap TG :iconhassoutobi27:HassouTobi27 84 3
Mature content
A Milky TG (BE) :iconphphda:phphda 65 4
A Better Lamp (Shantae TF/TG) [GIFT]
Peter was out in the city buying a few things that he needed. Some food, a few tools, amongst others things. He would always make a bit of time on the way back home to check out a pawn shop along the way back. There usually wasn't anything of note, but sometimes he struck gold. Today, he would literally strike gold...somewhat and also not at all. He found a rather elegant and quite beautiful looking bottle. If he didn't know any better he'd say it was a genie bottle. Of course genies don't really exist. None the less, he did want it quite bad, unfortunately it's price tag was far out of his price range. A bit sad and defeated he put it down and returned home. 
He set all of his buyings on the table and was about to start putting things away when he was stopped by a knock on the door. It was a bit odd, he wasn't expecting company or any kind of delivery, so he opted to ignore it until they gave up and left. Oddly enough they only knocked once. Peter tried to keep on doing his thing
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 49 7
Paths of Feminine Adventure
Welcome to "The Paths of Feminine Adventure"!
"The Paths of Feminine Adventure", or "TPFA", is a collection of interactive story threads all based around Feminisation.
How does this work?
The Idea is simple. Someone starts to write a story. When they come to a point in the plot that could split the story, they end it. Then they or someone else continues the story until they get to another split.
When you finish a thread, it might be a good idea to give a few possible ways you think a story could go. If, when you read a story and want to add to it but none of the options work for you, just make up a new one and send it to the original author.
When you write a new story thread, send the author of the story you are branching off of the title and the link. The author should then place it in their description.
The rules of content are very loose. You can do anything as long as a character or characters are being lead down the feminine path at some point.
Of course you must keep in li
:icondayeandknight:Dayeandknight 94 21
A Reward
One day a little boy named Tye was sitting in his house alone one day on a Saturday. He was a kind hearted boy who always did good deeds and never did anything bad unless he didn't know it was wrong. One day his mom left to go to work and wouldn't be home til late so he passed the time by looking out his window in his room and playing games until...
"Man i'm so bored but at least it's a nice day today and look at the cute cat." He said looking out his window at a cat walking by his house.
"Oh I hope I can go pet it or play with it." He said as he dashed downstairs and ran outside to see the cat.
Tye was happy to see the cat was licking its fur in front of his house but when he approached it the cat ran way.
"Come back kitty!" He said chasing it as it didn't know it was headed for a river.
The cat leaped threw the bush and splashed in the river and begin to drown as Tye made it to the other side. Tye was a little kid and was worried he might get swept away because of his size but he cou
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 213 22
Lewd jho and glavy by NCH85 Lewd jho and glavy :iconnch85:NCH85 185 24
Smash Bros TG Story - Part 1
Tony, Blake and Anthony were best friends. Their mutual interests made them become friends in 7th grade, but nothing solidified their friendship more than their love for Nintendo games, particularly Super Smash Bros Brawl. The 3 boys, often accompanied by another friend named Rich, would come to each other's houses after school, each bringing their own controller so they could enjoy some 4-player Smash, and this would continue all the way to their last year of High school.
Recently though, Rich had bought himself a Wii U with the money he saved up for it, and suddenly the guys felt like Brawl was getting old, as they saw the new Smash Bros U and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, Rich, who was a year older than the others, recently started going to college, so he stopped having the time to relax and play Smash Bros, which upset the others. Rich didn't want to give them his Wii U, because he bought it with his own money, unlike their old Wiis which were bought by their parents.
:iconjumboshirmp:Jumboshirmp 106 33
My Little Sister Amy [New Year Omake] Page 1 by meowwithme My Little Sister Amy [New Year Omake] Page 1 :iconmeowwithme:meowwithme 115 2



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